Library Policies

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PDF file icon Staff Assistance Policy.pdf Staff_Assistance_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 20.67 KB
PDF file icon Video & DVD Policy.pdf Video__DVD_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 21.54 KB
PDF file icon Fax Policy.pdf Fax_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 22.31 KB
PDF file icon Meeting Room Request Form.pdf Meeting_Room_Request_Form.pdf 2/17/22 23.38 KB
PDF file icon TV and Projector Policy.pdf TV_and_Projector_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 23.56 KB
PDF file icon Gaming Console and TV Policy.pdf Gaming_Console_and_TV_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 24.01 KB
PDF file icon Internet Safety Policy.pdf Internet_Safety_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 24.64 KB
PDF file icon Donation Policy.pdf Donation_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 24.95 KB
PDF file icon Confidentiality Policy.pdf Confidentiality_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 25.23 KB
PDF file icon Mobile Device Technology Policy.pdf Mobile_Device_Technology_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 25.28 KB
PDF file icon Weather Policy.pdf Weather_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 26.42 KB
PDF file icon Computer & Internet Guidelines.pdf Computer__Internet_Guidelines.pdf 2/17/22 27.44 KB
PDF file icon Interlibrary Loan Policy.pdf Interlibrary_Loan_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 29.25 KB
PDF file icon Newell Public Library Board Bylaws.pdf Newell_Public_Library_Board_Bylaws.pdf 2/17/22 32.11 KB
PDF file icon Bulletin Board Display Policy.pdf Bulletin_Board_Display_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 32.59 KB
PDF file icon Request for Reconsideration.pdf Request_for_Reconsideration.pdf 2/17/22 36.28 KB
PDF file icon Internet and Computer Rules January 2020.pdf Internet_and_Computer_Rules_January_2020.pdf 2/17/22 40.24 KB
PDF file icon Access, Services & Circulation Policy.pdf Access_Services__Circulation_Policy.pdf 2/17/22 44.13 KB
PDF file icon Relationship, Rights, Responsibilities Polices.pdf Relationship_Rights_Responsibilities_Polices.pdf 2/17/22 50.53 KB
PDF file icon Statement of Philosphy & Principles.pdf Statement_of_Philosphy__Principles.pdf 2/17/22 56.98 KB