Seed Library

⭐️ Did you know that we have a library of things? A library of things is full of non-traditional items that can be checked out at the library! We are always striving to support our community in any way possible and this is one way we can! It’s a great way to use an item without having to buy it, use it once, and then never again.

⭐️We currently have baking items such as cake pans and cookie cutters, puzzles and board games, a Santa suit, a power drill, hand puppets, nintendo switch, children's music set, and much more to come!

⭐️Best part - all you need is an active library card!

⭐️If you have any suggestions on what we should add, anything at all, feel free to ask! We also take donations of any kind!


To see what we have, check out our digital catalog at

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