Seed Library

The Newell Public Library has acquired a telescope from the Omaha Astronomical Society that is available for public checkout.

Loan rules for the telescope:

1. The telescope must be checked out to a Newell Public Library card holder who is 18 years of age or older and their account is up to date with information. The cardholder must sign a new lending policy each time the telescope is borrowed.

2. Children should only use the telescope under adult supervision.

3. Checkout period is 7 days with no renewals.

4. Reservations are available upon request. Please call ahead of time to reserve.

5. The overdue fine is $10 per day. Please be aware that library staff must check multiple aspects of the telescope before checking in.

6. The maximum overdue charge is $100. Once it reaches this point, steps will be taken to return the telescope, which includes making phone calls and sending out emails/letters. Steps will be taken sooner if there is a reservation on hold.

7. Borrowers must return the telescope and all accompanying materials in good condition. The telescope costs $335 to replace whether lost or damaged beyond repair. Repairs or replacement part charges will be assessed based on the cost of the repair/parts.

8. Please treat the telescope with care, keeping it in a clean, dry, dust free place and safe from liquids, extreme temperatures, and from being dropped. All covers should be kept attached to the telescope at all times. Do not attempt to clean the telescope, the library staff will be in charge of this. Please keep dust caps on the lenses when not in use. Make sure to turn off the view finder when not in use.

9. The borrower in which the telescope is checked out to is fully responsible for the care of the telescope as well as the safety of the users. The borrower agrees to assume all risks with use of the telescope and not to hold the Newell Public Library liable for any damages as a result of telescope use.

10. Please DO NOT point the telescope at the sun. This will cause damage to the telescope and could cause damage to the human eye.

11. You must read the telescope user guide and sign this policy before taking the telescope home. You will be given a copy of the signed policy.

Please note that the library staff can deny checkout of the library telescope at their discretion.