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Welcome to the Newell Public Library.

The library is your one stop source for all of your informational needs. We have a large selection of books, magazines, newspapers, electronic resources and more available to be checked out by our library card holders. Here you will also find electronic resources, news, announcements, and a calendar of upcoming library events!


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PDF file icon September 2022.pdf September_2022.pdf 11/18/22 5,005.39 KB
PDF file icon September 2021.pdf September_2021.pdf 9/15/21 4,938.08 KB
PDF file icon October 2022.pdf October_2022.pdf 11/18/22 5,876.91 KB
PDF file icon October 2021.pdf October_2021.pdf 10/28/21 1,836.70 KB
PDF file icon November 2022.pdf November_2022.pdf 12/1/22 8,096.10 KB
PDF file icon November 2021.pdf November_2021.pdf 11/30/21 3,886.86 KB
PDF file icon May 2022.pdf May_2022.pdf 5/31/22 7,885.04 KB
PDF file icon March 2022.pdf March_2022.pdf 4/6/22 4,696.20 KB
PDF file icon June 2022.pdf June_2022.pdf 6/30/22 3,486.53 KB
PDF file icon June 2021.pdf June_2021.pdf 8/23/21 535.62 KB
PDF file icon July 2022.pdf July_2022.pdf 8/3/22 3,617.07 KB
PDF file icon July 2021.pdf July_2021.pdf 8/23/21 768.39 KB
PDF file icon January 2022.pdf January_2022.pdf 2/2/22 6,250.08 KB
PDF file icon February 2022.pdf February_2022.pdf 2/28/22 7,805.35 KB
PDF file icon December 2021 Christmas Edition.pdf December_2021_Christmas_Edition.pdf 12/11/21 7,861.56 KB
PDF file icon August 2022.pdf August_2022.pdf 9/7/22 5,218.10 KB
PDF file icon August 2021.pdf August_2021.pdf 8/24/21 5,041.70 KB
PDF file icon April 2022.pdf April_2022.pdf 5/2/22 10,299.18 KB